Body Treatment

The chest care treatment

The breast micro refinement instrument is introduced, and the deep massage is available by utilizing the principle of physical negative pressure vacuum absorption (suction, release and pressing). With the pure natural plant essential oils and gentle hand massage on the breast lymph, the lymph circulation near the breasts can be stimulated and smoothened, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be transmitted to the breasts, thus promoting the smooth flow of breasts and contributing to breast health!

  1. smoothen lactiferous ducts
  2. relieve breast hyperplasia
  3. relieve premenstrual breast distension
  4. busty breast

Suitable for: people who have suffered premenstrual breast distension, poor breast circulation and those who desire the busty breasts

Treatment duration: 90 min

Power Shape machine(Back/Neck/Tummy/Hand/Thigh/Buttock)

People who need slimming, with cellular tissues, muscle pain and poor metabolism. The bipolar radio frequency, low-energy light and vacuum negative pressure can promote the metabolism of fat cells in the local obesity area and help achieve the effect of shaping and firming.

Treatment duration: 30 min

Uterine care

It is able to improve uterine cold and edema, and the premenstrual syndrome, menstrual pain, waist soreness and edema

Whether you are preparing to get pregnant, to have confinement after childbirth, or easily to have menstrual colic, you must treat your body well. When the uterus is well-cared, you will look younger. Therefore, don’t neglect the uterus care! We recommend it to you who know how to love yourself.

The female’s uterus is an endocrine organ with complex functions. Endocrine disorders will affect estrogen, and cause metabolic disorders, chloasma, insomnia, and irregular menstruation. Therefore, the beauty from the inside out should start from caring and nursing the uterus.

Treatment duration: 90min