Facial Treatment

Aromaplasty Treatment

The orange flower essential oil with aromatherapy essence moisturizing mask can repair the dried wrinkles. The skin will become softer and the skin tolerance will be enhanced after treatment.

Suitable for skin: any skin

Treatment duration: 80 min

Aroma skin whitening and radiance treatment

Rich in pure vitamin C, whitening and bright composites, Roman chamomile, orange, kiwi fruit, etc., it has the functions such as weakening dark spots, brightening skin, promoting skin metabolism, and making skin whitening and bright.

Suitable for skin: any skin which needs to be whitened

Treatment duration: 80 min

Spasm Care

The shaping treatment is combined with the muscle and tissue regulation and soothing of subcutaneous fascia in the traditional Chinese medicine. In that way, the meridian and acupoints can be stimulated, and the blood circulation can be smooth, the beauty muscle strength can be enhanced, and the contour of the V-shaped face can be tightened. The soothing muscles will become soft and elastic and the perfect firmness of the skin can be restored. You beautiful face will be back and the pimples will be naturally weakened or gone. Moreover, your skin will become rosy, even and bright from inside to outside.

Treatment duration: 90 min