Treatment Machine

Magic pot V-shaped facial treatment

Your preferred choice of slimmed beauty care is featured with the advanced technology of radio frequency, negative pressure and color light to promote drainage and blood circulation. At the same time, AC peptides can be used together to promote lipolysis and achieve the effect of beautifying face and firming the skin.

Suitable for skin: with poor facial circulation, excessive facial fat and sagging cheeks

Treatment duration: 35 min

Semi permanent makeup beauty

It can not only make your skin color even, cover pores and stains, but can also weaken scars. In addition, it does not melt down your make-up, which is fashionable and fast. By improving the skin redness, black spots or unsatisfactory color tone, it makes your skin even and bright, and the contours of skin are obviously improved. Most importantly, it looks natural and even as if the natural good complexion.

Treatment duration: 90min

Laser clinic

By enhancing your skin repairing capacity, it also makes your skin moisturized, firm, smooth, elastic and rosy. Moreover, it makes your skin moisturized, and awakens the function of cell regeneration, so as to reproduce cells that repair the skin withering and breaking. It reshapes the firm, smooth and elastic skin within a short period of time. You can witness the significant improvement in problems such as skin dullness, fine wrinkles smoothing or loosening, etc.

Treatment duration: 90min